Digital Signage

Reduce operating costs and simplify maintenance

Key Points

  • Reduce costs with remote maintenance
  • Dynamically push content update
  • Remotely monitor performance in real-time

Digital signage campaigns are no longer what they use to be - static images and video displays. They are now based on real-time conditions, situations and activities. Just walk into any new Whole Foods Market to notice the digital prices for shelf products. Contextual content offers advertisers the ability to be relevant and useful to consumers, all the while making smarter, more cost-effective and trigger driven business decisions.

IoT networks on devices like billboards, screens and even shelves allow content to be dynamic based on external triggers. They also greatly reduce cost. Gone are the days of manually replacing imagery and handling difficult to maintain billboards. Of course, every vertical has a different trigger. In retail? Rain and temperature sensors can deliver relevant campaigns based on changing weather patterns. Proximity sensors are also a game changing application because they allow advertisers to communicate with the consumer while the consumer is shopping. Imagine being able to show a discount diaper ad to a mother who is picking out baby wipes off the shelf. Reactive digital signage is also being used in office environments to help teams connect and communicate. If your company uses a CRM system, screens throughout the office can change based on sales goals and customer behaviors.

In today’s interconnected world, audience habits and content consumption preferences are giving rise to innovative ideas and insightful initiatives that are activating the power of community and creating engaging and fun experiences. The rise of IoT connectivity offers access to data sets that point to how consumers interact with a brand in real-time. This invaluable information can be used to create smarter and much more beneficial customer relationships. They also save time, costs of field maintenance and errors by amplifying business intelligence with live data.

There’s never been a better way to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time! According to the IHS, there will be 75.4 billion connected devices in 2025. Advertisers will have to prepare to meet the rising demand of relevancy by changing the way that content is created and consumed. IoT has already heralded in a new age of content marketing.