Fleet Tracking

Monitor vehicle location & diagnostics

Key Points

  • Improvement for product and performance
  • Better decision making capabilities
  • Decreased operational costs
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance

Collecting and utilizing data is a standard practice for truck vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators and service centers. Nowadays government standards and regulations like emission caps affect everything from manufacturing, management and servicing. Assessing information like engine sensors, historical data and external conditions enables accurate diagnostic applications and data informed action. There is a greater need than ever before to secure robust connectivity for these industries. Monitoring and managing fuel consumption, route management, driver performance and vehicle maintenance ensures safer, more cost effective operations.

One of the biggest challenges for these industries is uptime. IoT network connectivity addresses this issue directly. Telematics data doesn’t necessarily give the critical insights into performance and conditions. However, assessing additional information from engine sensors, historical data and environmental conditions provides accurate diagnoses that address failures and streamline resolution. Another challenge is finding a solution that offers more than just data connectivity, but also fast and reliable connectivity that can reach remote assets.

No matter where assets are located, global coverage across multiple networks is key. If you have a cellular data solution that needs a back up, VIAA is your answer. We ensure that you have complete visibility, monitoring and management control over assets, drivers, vehicles and displays. You can now locate and remotely manage operations to ensure that unsafe behaviors and situations are prevented, government mandates are met and that performance is consistently improving.

Reliable network connectivity with VIAA is a low-cost solution that provides comprehensive insights into the status, movement, loading and unloading of assets and operations. Whether you need to manage fuel, maintenance, logistics, applications or temperature - real time data and alerts ensure that you have complete control over your fleet, assets or operations.