Integrators & Developers

Build the next great IoT solution

Key Points

  • Simplify deployment and management of IoT devices at scale
  • Pairs nicely with IoT solutions from Google Cloud and Amazon AWS
  • Deploy quickly devices in over 200 countries with no commitments or minimum usage
  • Low monthly fee per device

With the magnitude of IoT information flooding in from sensors, understanding the analytics behind big data is key. Integrators and developers are quickly being catapulted to the forefront of the industry, simply because they’re positioned to address the challenges. With the experience of being able to integrate legacy systems with end-to-end solutions and their vast knowledge of the IoT landscape and market, integrators are capable of implementing methodologies and practices that are far more sophisticated than what an enterprise would be capable of. This experiential advantage greatly simplifies the process of adaptation to a robust IoT solution.

Many IoT projects are complex and wide spread. Legacy systems streaming in data like finances, ERP, supply chain management, CRM and physical data like weather or IT management, enhance IoT analytics when combined with sensor device data. System integrators meet this critical challenge head on and distill the information into actionable approaches that drive immense business value.

The bottom line: IoT analytics can be very challenging, but is capable of having an immediate effect on an enterprise’s bottom line.

Firstly, as a complex ecosystem, collecting disparate devices, control systems, enterprise systems and protocols determines the outcome of the IoT initiatives. Next, creating connectivity from silos in multiple departments like IT or OT can populate enterprise systems and take down boundaries that result in immediate actions. Integrators are also capable of scaling a project because they can quickly detect a bottleneck or challenge. Starting small is specifically useful in larger or global enterprise initiatives and can help implement sustainable growth.

Developers come to the table with in depth domain knowledge and understanding of the business and its applications. Improving an IoT application not only makes it more valuable to the business, but also enlists someone with an established relationship and understanding of the enterprise for the task.

Integrators and developers are in a position of power when it comes to bridging the gap between an IoT solution provider and enterprise. Our solutions here at VIAA equip integrators and developers with the IoT wireless data connectivity that can greatly reduce downtime, increase efficiency and reach.