Remote Sites

Remotely monitor systems and operations

Key Points

  • Targeted improvements to business processes
  • Higher efficiency resulting from visibility
  • Automated and proactive field maintenance
  • More cost-efficient energy management

Network connectivity that reaches further.

IoT connectivity helps businesses understand problems before sending maintenance technicians all the way to a location, they enable improved field service and drive customer satisfaction.

Manual, expensive and time-intensive procedures are a thing of the past. With assets having the ability to communicate exactly what is happening, live data from connected devices can now deliver dynamic, automated and instant information on performance, pressure, temperature, flow rates, energy usage and more! The possibilities from this kind of insight are endless. Businesses can now fine tune challenging processes, make targeted improvements, deliver proactive and prescriptive information to customers and reduce expensive downtime.

By collecting and storing historical and real-time data, it is now possible to see, with exact certainty, what part of your asset is wearing down or needs servicing. Businesses no longer have to be tied to the dependency of fixed schedules and wasteful, unnecessary replacements of parts that could have been used for another 12 months! In fact, IoT network connectivity prevents costly problems before they happen.

It doesn’t matter where in the world your assets are located, VIAA is able to provide a leading data connectivity solution that is reliable, scalable and low-cost. Drive innovation, gain deep business insights and lower costs with VIAA.