Vending & Kiosks

Simple & secure connectivity

Key Points

  • Remote management & maintenance
  • Deply to remote locations without dependence on third-party Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Global coverage provides ability to scale without complexity

Retailers are under pressure to provide innovative vending solutions that are relevant and engaging. In fact, customers not only expect convenient, relevant and personalized shopping experiences, these experiences are the differentiating factor behind customer satisfaction. The challenge is to meet the need in the industry while reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Traditionally, maintenance and upkeep was time consuming, resource intensive and often times delayed. Maintaining, repairing and upgrading machines resulted in huge revenue loss. Not any more! Businesses can take advantage of new technologies and reliable network connectivity to compete on the exciting leading edge of vending.

Efficient monitoring of inventory, temperature, humidity and location as well as effective security are key solutions offered by remote monitoring and management. In addition to reporting customer information, offering interactive engagement and reducing operational costs, ‘smart machines’ can deliver supply and demand data, report on sales and assist with troubleshooting.

Fast and reliable wireless network connectivity enables the set up of short term operations for special events like trade shows. IoT solutions are remote and flexible, so retailers are able to safely process payments and run their business in a matter of minutes. Security and efficiency are important and now solutions can be deployed and managed effectively. There’s no better or faster way to connect a distributed network, affect your business model and revenue flow. Companies like Coca Cola are already on the leading edge of the expanding IoT market. Coca cola is able to identify each machine and conduct real-time tests for drink preferences. They are then able to adjust their selections accordingly. The best part? They’re in global fast food chains around the world. How’s that for effective data usage?

If you’re ready for a fast, reliable and global wireless network connectivity solution, VIAA is ready to partner with you!